• What should be the subject of my content?

    There is no specific subject or topic to follow, you are free to create whatever you think would be useful to our users. However, we suggest that you have a look at our website and take into consideration the kind of resources that are being published.

  • How many files would I need to submit to become a contributor?

    If you are a new contributor, you must upload 20 resources exactly to be able to submit the images for revision. If you upload 19, the system will not allow you to click the button. The same happens if you have more than 20 resources on the dashboard, even if you upload 30 and then select 20, the button will still be inactive.

  • How do I send my content for review?

    Firstly, you need to create your Contributor account.

    If you decide to become a "Contributor", please register, read and accept our terms and conditions (contract), provide us with all the details required and start uploading your resources.

    Your first upload will be reviewed by our team and if the aesthetic and quality standards are met, you will be able to start your collaboration with us. We suggest that, for this first test, you choose you 20 more relevant resources and focus on the kind of images you are best at. Adding a link to your online portfolio in the profile section of your contributor panel can help you to pass the test.